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May 2017

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I Was A Sari- Loop Scarf- The Loop, or Infinity Scarf (color will vary), is a large closed loop of sari fabric. This scarf is very versatile and can be worked in many different ways. It can be doubled up and worn loosely around the neck, as a capelet, shawl or to cover your head. Your scarf was handcrafted by women in Mumbai, from up cycled mixed sari fabric. In addition to the thousands of saris that get up cycled through I was a Sari, so do the lives of the Indian women artisans involved. When a woman joins the team, her life changes in wonderful ways, she gains new skills and moves towards financial independence. Through up cycling saris, she ends up up cycling her own life. Find out more @ 

Yarko Hair-Feed Your Ends Leave-In Conditioner- Prevent damage from heat styling while helping prevent global warming! Protect your ends with this nutritious, leave-in conditioner spray, packed with vitamins, minerals and essential oils that nourish hair prior to blow drying or heat styling, and join Yarok in helping protect one of the world's greatest natural resources: the Amazon Rainforest. visit

 Meadowlark Botanicals - Cuticle Cream- This Organic Orange Cuticle and Nail Cream is packed with hydrating organic cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and skin-renewing, skin-brightening citrus oil. It will moisturize and repair damaged skin, aiding in healing, as well as strengthening dry, brittle, and peeling or chipped nails. It is also a miracle worker for pedicures and helps to soften rough calluses. visit:

Ballerina Botanicals- Mini Green Beauty Barre- This body cleansing bar will leave you feeling clean, inside and out, with bentonite clay, matcha green tea, spirulina (blue-green algae), and peppermint oil. It's full of beneficial enzymes, antioxidants, chlorophyll, and vitamins. It will cleanse your skin and help it retain moisture. Your skin will feel smoother, calmer, and happier with this powerful bar of soap. Find out more at:                                                        

Your May box also includes a sample from New Chapter- Perfect Hair, Skin, and Nails. Beauty inspired by natural organic algae with Astaxanthin, a rare plant-nutrient clinically proven to maintain a youthful appearance and reduce fine lines & wrinkles. The Biotin builds Keratin for healthy hair & strong nails. This is a super food botanical blend with fermented herbs. Find out more about New Chapter Products @                          

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Thank you to all our May subscribers and a very special THANK YOU to the brands that helped make May's Kloverbox the perfect Mother's Day gift! 

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