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August 2015 Kloverbox

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The August box featured a wonderful assortment, fitting just so perfectly with the theme of Detox & Diminish! The products were carefully selected to detox from the inside out, from tea to tooth powder and cleansers that rid our skin of toxins, we were thrilled with every single product! Let's take a deeper look inside the box! 

Angel Face Botanicals – Super Detox Facial Cleanser - This super-detoxifying cleanser with Activated Charcoal and Argan Oil is enriched with botanicals, essential oils, vitamins and replenishing oils to deeply clean your pores of toxins and bacteria for radiantly healthy skin. Activated Charcoal works like a magnet to remove dirt and oils beneath the skin’s surface, ultimately releasing toxins from your pores.

Jacq’s Organics – Fancy Detox Cleansing Bar - With the heat, sweat and grime of summer we couldn’t forget about the rest of the body. This detox cleansing bar combines the invigorating scents of clove, orange, patchouli, vanilla and more for a purifying cleanse. Key ingredients include Haitian castor oil, activated bamboo charcoal and coconut oil that carefully house the bits of olive oil and rose clay confetti soap in the center. Unclog pores, remove deeper impurities and dead skin cells with this beautiful handmade soap.

Bedrock and Bloom – Smart Ash - Smart Ash has quickly become a popular subscription box product and for good reason. When Bedroom and Broom approached us back in April, we knew Smart Ash would fit perfectly in this August Detox box! Smart Ash is an all natural tooth whitening powder that is good for your teeth. WARNING – This product is messy, but the results are wonderful!

Mychelle Dermaceuticals – Wrinkle Spot Treatment - When we say diminish, we mean diminish! This potent spot treatment combines a dynamic peptide trio for targeted smoothing and firming. Put your wrinkles on the spot with a combination of fruit extracts and the clinically-proven, age-defying peptides Leuphasyl®, Inyline and Argireline. Proven through independent studies, this cooling, wrinkle-reducing trio instantly plumps troublesome areas with the easy roller ball applicator.

Traditional Medicinals – Organic Herbal Tea Supplement - Enjoy a lovely cup of tea while you detox & diminish! Give your liver some love with EveryDay Detox & Roasted Dandelion Root Herbal Teas.

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Thank you to all our August subscribers and a very special THANK YOU to the five amazing brands that joined our Detox & Diminish theme!

The Kloverbox Team