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January 2015 Kloverbox

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Clean & Fresh was the theme for January's box and it was such a fun box to put together! Each brand was new to Kloverbox and we were thrilled to provide an assortment of products for the season. Winter weather can be harsh, and an All Purpose Healing Salve is a must for chapped skin. The Intensive Hydration and Firming Serum delivers the perfect amount of moisture to provide all skin types a well-needed boost.  A fresh face isn't complete without the perfect cleanser, and the Kissed Gentle Foaming Organic Gel Facial Cleanser not only smells amazing, but is gentle and will leave your skin bright and clean.  Speaking of clean, Better Cleaning Right Hand Laundry Powder is more concentrated than your average liquid detergent, and thoroughly cleans without the use of fragrance, dyes, optical brighteners or preservatives. It doesn’t get more clean and fresh than these brands!

Palmetto Derma – Intensive Hydration & Firming Serum
A total moisture surge! The main ingredient, hyaluronic acid is one of the most effective moisturizing agents, as it works its magic; it draws moisture from the environment and sends it to the surface of your skin. With the addition of its side kick ingredient aloe vera, this tag-team moisturizes & calms skin, causing a fresher & brighter complexion!

Meliora K. –  Better Cleaning Right Hand Laundry Powder
Count the ingredients on one hand: Soap, Baking Soda, and Washing Soda. Right Hand Laundry Powder is more concentrated and lighter than liquids. It gets the job done without fragrance, dyes, optical brighteners, or preservatives and gives you cleaner fabrics without residues from mysterious ingredients and scents. Try with white vinegar as a simple laundry softener replacement in the rinse cycle. Perfect for sensitive skin and babies - try it on workout gear, linens, and diapers.

Angel Face Botanicals – Kissed Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser
Kissed Gentle Foaming Organic Gel Facial Cleanser with Chamomile and Calendula is perfect for any skin type.
The mild sudsing action of this cleanser gently removes make-up, sunscreen, along with the dirt and grime of the day. This gentle face wash is specially formulated to kiss skin clean of dirt, oils, and residues without drying.

Lilies and Myrrh – All Purpose Healing Salve
January’s featured Etsy Store is a must have for your first aid kit! Handcrafted with certified organic ingredients, an All Purpose Healing Salve is an intensive moisturizer perfect help heal scrapes, cuts, sunburns, superficial burns, bug bites, bruises, dry chapped skin and other skin irritation.

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Thank you to all our January subscribers and a very special Thanks to the brands that made it possible!

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